What is lordosis?

The lordotic is the curve found at the neck, upper and lower back of the spine which gives it its characteristic S shape.

The lordotic helps your body to support the weight of your head, aligning the head over the pelvis, absorb excess shock and stabilize and maintain the structure of the spine. They assist in moving and to bend flexibly.

But when instead of the normal, natural lordotic curve, if your curve arches too much to the inside then the condition is called lordosis.

But when instead of the normal, natural lordotic curve, if your curve arches too much to the inside then the condition is called lordosis.


Lordosis can come to people of any age groups. But some conditions and its onset can increase the risk for lordosis:

People affected by Spondylolisthesis, Osteoporosis and Obesity have greater chance of getting affected by Lordosis


Muscle pain is the most common of symptoms of lordosis. The excessive curve of the spine causes the muscles to get stretched in different directions, thus causing them to tighten and spasm.

Having lordosis in the cervical region can make the pain extend to your neck, shoulders, and upper back. You may also experience limited movement in your neck or lower back.

Thus make an appointment with our specialists at AyurAvani campus in Trivandrum if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • A numbness or tingling
  • Pain bouts like electric shock
  • maintaining muscle control becomes difficult


Most cases of lordosis doesn’t require medical treatment unless it is an aggravated case. Treatment will depend on the severity of the curve and the presence of other symptoms.

Treatment can include mild medications to reduce the pain and swelling and daily physical massages to strengthen the muscles and flexibility of motion.

Losing your weight is yet another recommendation to help improve your posture.

Ayurveda, the green way of life always opts for tangible alternatives to allopathic ways like surgery and other evasive procedure like epidural injections.

Administration of Ayurvedic therapies like

  • Nasya (Entering of medicated liquids through nasal cavity)
  • Elakkizhi (Patrapotala sweda)
  • Podikkizhi (Choorna pinda sweda),
  • Abhyanga (oil massage with specific herbal medicines)

Along with these, herbal medicines is very effective in providing tangible benefits in all these cases, rendering the patient symptom free.

For most patients, lordosis does not amount to a significant health concern. But then it is equally important to maintain a healthy spine since much of our movement and flexibility depend on it. Ignoring early signs of lordosis can lead to long-lasting discomfort and increased risk of affecting the spine, legs and even internal organs.


While there aren’t strict measures that can guarantee the prevention of lordosis, it is proved that performing certain exercises like shoulder shrugs and leg raises can give you a good posture and spine health:

Standing for long hours can also alter the curve of your spine.

Thus if you are in the habit standing a lot, maybe due to work formats, tehn you need to take occasional sitting breaks. Ensure that your chair has good back support.

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