When the tendons of your body, that connect the muscles to the bones become inflamed, and its usual smooth gliding movement is disrupted, it is known as tendonitis. If the condition befalls you, pain arises when muscles try to contract and eventually will affect your movements.

Both men and women of all ages can be affected by tendonitis. Tendonitis usually arises from injury or due to increasing age when tendons lose elasticity.


  • As the tendon gets under pressure such as while performing some kind of manual task.
  • Difficulty in movement
  • As the condition goes further, pain will occur in the tendons even when they are not under pressure or simply when the area is simply moved or touched.
  • A burning sensation around the affected part
  • The area will appear red and swollen.


It is when you engage a joint such as the hand, elbow and shoulder repeatedly in similar motion for a long period of time, causing strain, that tendonitis is mostly known to arise.

As a person ages, their tendons tend to lose its flexibility, becoming harder and thus preventing free movement of the joints.

Excessive and strenuous exercises or exercising without sufficient warming can also cause tendonitis as strain comes on tendons. Thus bodybuilders and athletes are more at a risk of this condition.

Tendonitis can at times even develop from an injury that has yet not managed to heel.

A sustaining case of diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis can also cause tendonitis to arise.

Outdoor engagements like rock climbing and hiking are also known to rarely cause tendonitis.

Sometimes the default anatomical structure of a joint may lead to the tendon becoming inflamed

Ayurvedic and green remedies to treat tendonitis

Usually tendonitis is seen to abate if proper rest is given to the tendons.

Immediately stop engaging in any repetitive action that you have doubt caused you the pain or the condition. Allow your tendons to rest at least 3-4 weeks and gently massage the area.

Support the affected tendon with a strap or sling. It will help the pain.

As far as medicinal herbs are concerened, Boswellia, Ashwagandha and Turmeric are known to effectively soothe joints.

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