Ayur Avani Ayurveda Hospital and Marma Institute was a revelation for me. Not only did they cure me of my ailments, but also initiated me to the wonderful world of Ayurveda.

Kolinkova Kristyna, Czech Republic

I tried almost all modern medicines and yet could not get over rheumatic pains. One full treatment protocol at Ayur Avani did the magic for me. It returned my life.

Antoni Jozef, Poland

You have to be here in Ayur Avani to feel the difference. It is amazing to see how they have adapted an ancient system of treatment to suit modern sensibilities and demands of present age.

Jolanta Romualda, Poland

I had acute migraine throughout my life. That disturbed me a lot. I tried Allopathy and Homoeo medicines. But these medicines give relief for few days only. Now I can confidently say that the Ayurveda treatment at Ayur Avani helped me to be free from all types of headaches and lead a healthy life.

Shamly Krishna, Thrissur

Me and my wife had a good time of relaxation and treatments at Ayur Avani. From my experience, I can say that Ayur Avani is one of the best and most suitable place for all kinds of Ayurveda treatment.

Thejus Ishvar,Kollam

I was suffering from disc slip. I did treatment and took many medicines, but to no effect. But the Doctor’s specialized and professional treatment at Ayur Avani cured me fully!

William Gurian, Australia

I was suffering from acute sinusitis. I heard about Ayur Avani online. After the 6-month treatment under the direct supervision of the doctor, I was totally relieved of all sort of disturbances!

Surender Das, Kannur

I would like to express my whole hearted thanks to Ayur Avani for their heart-warming hospitality and treatment during my panchakarma. When I reached here, I had severe pain in my left hip. Now I feel totally relieved from all my pains and struggles through Ayurveda medicines & treatments.

Lakshmi M J, Trivandrum

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